SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has agents who specialize in video surveillance and activity checks. This includes disability cases, workers’ compensation claims, personal injury, criminal activities, domestic affairs/infidelity and corporate security. Our investigators are well equipped with surveillance vehicles and the latest video/hidden camera and communications technology to perform discreet investigations. Most importantly, our agents are highly experienced and motivated by an incentive program.

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS performs the following types of surveillance:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Insurance Claims (personal injury)
  • Disability
  • Activity Checks
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Labor and Employment Investigations
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Domestic Matters (Child Custody, Infidelity, Family Issues, and Neighbors)
  • Suspected Criminal Activity
  • Develop Information about Subjects or Business Entities
  • Undercover Assignment

The benefits of hiring SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS for surveillance include:

  • “Rapid Response” Team has 1-2 hour response time with 94% response success rate;
  • Investigators have obtained video of subject in over 89% of cases in the past year (tracked on monthly spreadsheet);
  • Investigators have an average of 8 years experience and specialize in surveillance ONLY;
  • Investigators are highly motivated by an incentive program for results obtained;
  • Investigators are equipped with the latest video camera, hidden camera, and communication technology;
  • Investigators are equipped with other resources to conduct successful investigations;
  • Administrative staff dedicated to video and report review for optimal integrity, quality, accuracy, and timeliness;
  • Office Investigative staff trained in conducting pre and post-surveillance investigations;
  • Management team dedicated to surveillance team for maximum oversight and quality;
  • Surveillance video viewable online with high speed connectivity and security;

Although surveillance is typically used for these reasons, surveillance can be used for other matters which are all catered to your needs.

As an alternative to surveillance, our investigators are trained to conduct ACTIVITY CHECKS. With this tool, we can determine a subject’s activities. In addition, ACTIVITY CHECKS serve as a tool to determine whether a surveillance investigation is necessary.

We have prepared a videotape highlighting the quality of our service which is available upon request to qualified potential clients .

For further information, please contact our office at 1-800-714-3728 or click on the “Submit a Case” box above.

CAUTION: It is very important to hire an investigation firm/investigator that specializes in surveillance.