SIU & Claims Investigations

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS was established in 1981 as a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of a well established independent adjusting firm, that has provided services to many insurance carriers since 1975. Our clients include large and small insurance companies, defense law firms, third party administrators (TPAs), and self-insurers (list of references available upon request). We possess both a private investigator’s license and insurance adjuster’s license.  Many of our investigators are trained to investigate and adjust claims.  All investigators are annually certified in the California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations and receive annual anti-fraud training.  Copies of the certificates are available upon request.

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS offers the following areas of expertise:

  • Property Claims ranging from large jewelry losses, arson, auto/auto theft, burglaries, robberies, catastrophe claims, personal article floaters, and others.
  • Workers’ Compensation involving AOE/COE Investigations, Activity Checks, Surveillance,  Developing Employment Histories and Access to Prior WCAB Claims History.
  • Auto Accidents  & Auto Theft including staged auto fraud cases, auto liability investigations, other vehicular claims cases involving fatalities, major injuries, minor injuries, and/or non-injury accidents, auto theft (including burned vehicles, owner give-ups, and others);  access to DMV records, other auto-related sources and experts.
  • Personal Injury including slip and falls, assault and battery incidents, other injury-related claims, investigate and/or adjust claims, suspected fraud cases, take detailed written or recorded statements, perform scene investigations and take photos or video
  • Premises and Products Liability involving major class action product liability cases, homeowners and commercial premises liability accidents including large and small claims ranging from deaths to minor injuries; maintain a well established list of experts.
  • Death & Disability including suspected fraud cases; experienced surveillance team;  taking statements and obtaining information; investigative resources to develop information regarding past medical and claims history.
  • SIU Investigations including personal injury, auto/auto theft, and premises/products liability cases, ranging from fraud rings, major class action products liability cases, personal injury defense investigations, and all other related claims.
  • Claims Investigations, including detailed written/recorded statements, scene investigations, cold calls, locating individuals, canvassing, taking photos and/or video, and other task assignments.
  • Independent Adjusters License, 2607896, issued by the Department of Insurance. Our investigators are cross-trained to adjust claims ranging from slip and fall accidents, auto collisions, property claims and others. All Investigators are annually certified in the California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations (copies of declarations available upon request).
  • Access to many resources available to handle both suspicious and routine insurance claims. Some of the resources include the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), ISO, and other insurance-related databases. We are also members of various insurance associations and have a well- established reputation within the insurance industry.