Labor & Employment

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has the expertise and experience to be your investigation agency for labor and employment matters.  From pre-employment checks to defense of wrongful termination claims, labor and employment investigations are a specialty of Specialized Investigations. We are very experienced in conducting investigations of sexual harassment and other discrimination-related matters.  Specialized Investigations knows the rights of the company and its employees when conducting an investigation.

We provide the following investigative services:

  • Sexual Harassment & Wrongful Termination lawsuits can devastate the pocketbook of a company, as well as its morale. It’s a fact: an early, independent and thorough investigation of the charges followed up by appropriate action is key to minimizing your company’s exposure to potentially huge court awards on behalf of the employee.

  • Discrimination cases (age, race, gender, and others) can often be resolved through early investigation and action. Here’s a little tip: Never make the mistake of having an employee do your investigation. Not only will the investigation likely be incomplete but, if later scrutinized in court, it could be seen as management’s failure to seriously and independently review the employee’s allegations.

  • Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Wage and Hour Issues (FLSA/DSLE), and Other State & Federal Laws (CFRA, ADA, EEOC, & PDLL) is the fastest growing area of litigation today. Specialized Investigations has a well established history of investigating work-related complaints and lawsuits since the mid-1990s. We have established “rapid response” investigative teams to respond quickly to employee misconduct and/or abuse issues.

  • Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets-Proprietary Information Protection is a fast growing area of concern for businesses in today’s global economy. Proprietary information may include your customer database, who your suppliers are, or how you produce your firm’s goods and services. Once a leak is suspected, or has been identified, a fast and thorough investigation may be your ONLY way to stop the damage.

  • Threat Investigations– If your firm is the target of harassment by an unidentified former/current employee or other disgruntled person, we can help by identifying the perpetrator and documenting his/her activities for possible termination and/or criminal prosecution. Harassment may come in the form of phone calls, anonymous letters, stalking, and sabotage of equipment and/or business relationships.

  • Employee Theft is a major problem in many companies. Specialized Investigations has conducted many theft investigations which have included surveillance, background checks, undercover operations, interrogations, and employee interviews. We have been successful in identifying the perpetrator(s) and/or securing confessions in many cases.

  • Undercover Investigations is a very effective method of identifying many problems, or potential problems, within a company. Specialized Investigations offers experienced undercover operatives, who can assist in identifying and reporting problems such as employee theft, sexual harassment, discrimination, performance, fraud, and many other areas of concern.

Caution: Don’t wait until a problem arises to shop for an investigation agency. By then, it’s often too late! If you own or manage a business, regardless of size, call us now at 1-800-714-3728 and receive a FREE CONSULTATION on how Specialized Investigations can help you resolve labor and employment issues.