Medical Audits & Health Care Investigations

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has conducted many health care investigations and medical audits over the years. Our investigators have been trained in many aspects of the health care industry and are very knowledgeable of the applicable laws and regulations, as well as billing codes and prevailing fee charges. We have well-established contacts with many medical experts and sources to assist in health care investigations.

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has expertise in the following areas:

  • Civil and Criminal Matters
  • Compliance Issues
  • Fraud
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Licensing Verification
  • Managed Care
  • Medical Audits / Inspections
  • Mortgage Issues
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Judgment Collection
  • Lawsuits
  • Pre-litigation Analysis
  • Prospective Business
  • Subrogation Matters
  • Home Health Care