Civil, Criminal, & Fraud Investigations

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has conducted many complex and limited civil and criminal investigations since 1981. We have one of the most comprehensive nationwide civil and criminal search capabilities available to any private investigation firm. Our agents have investigated cases which have been featured on America’s Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries, Current Affair, CNN, Case Closed, and Starting Over. Our investigations have resulted in many arrests, criminal convictions, and successful verdicts in civil cases.

The following is a list of the types of civil and criminal investigations we have conducted:

  • CIVIL – handle a wide variety of civil cases, including labor disputes, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, personal injury defense, product/premises liability, and many others.
  • CRIMINAL – one murder case featured on America’s Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries, and appeared in numerous newspapers/magazines.
  • FRAUD – numerous cases resulted in arrests and/or convictions of individuals. Our Vice President is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS).
  • EMPLOYEE THEFT – many cases resulted in termination and/or arrest/conviction.
  • FRAUD AND ABUSE– handled cases in many different industries, including financial, health care, banking, real estate, entertainment, business, sports, insurance, domestic matters, and others.
  • UNDERCOVER/INTERNAL SURVEYS – conducted many undercover operations in factories, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, cocktail lounges, and other business establishments.
  • OTHERS – conducted investigations involving industrial sabotage, robbery, auto theft, burglary, child abduction, elderly abuse, and many others.