Background Investigations

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS has performed many complex and limited background investigations on individuals and businesses since 1981. We have access to a wide range of resources and techniques in conducting any type of background check.

We are experts in performing background investigations in the following areas:

  • SIU and Insurance Claims. We have many different resources available to conduct every type of insurance-related background investigation (see SIU and Insurance Claims page).
  • Business/Corporate Backgrounds. Purposes range from trademark/copyright infringements, prospective business/ partnership deals, unfair competition, employee theft, and others.
  • Individual Backgrounds. Purposes include domestic affairs, pre-marital checks, roommate screenings, family matters, prospective child care employees, harassment cases, and others.

The benefits of hiring SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS include:

  • Investigators who specialize in conducting background checks and asset searches;
  • Investigators who know the laws in obtaining legal vs. illegal information;
  • Access to a very comprehensive list of available public record database resources and other sources;
  • Knowledge and ability to analyze data obtained for maximum benefit to client;
  • Administrative and management staff dedicated to the background and asset Investigators;


CAUTION: Don’t be fooled by other low or flat-rate background package deals. Contact Specialized Investigations, where we can advise you of the best and most cost effective approach, tailored to your individual needs.